Friday, April 6, 2012

Distance Casting and Giving A Little

Spey-O_Rama is right around the corner and I ask myself, why am I doing this?

Knut puts a smile on everyones faces.
This will be my fourth year heading to San Francisco for the distance casting championships. I gotta say, it's a great time to get away from the Pacific Northwest. When I look out my window and see snow on the ground and I'm still wearing beanies and boots; sunshine, 60 degree days, and taking beach walks every morning sounds right up my ally. This is also a great time to visit my sister and see friends from my past, but it's more then just that, SOR is a down right fun event. Time spent at the ponds is a hoot! The compradary of the old timers sitting in the club house tying flies, to watching guys like, Knut Syrstad, Tommy Aarkvisla, Brian Stykal, the Carron team and many others making consistent cast over 150 feet, or the afternoon tea time with strawberries and Devon Cream or the scotch at the end of the day, are all more reasons to keep coming back.  

James Chalmer casting in the big pond.
Spey-O-Rama has turned into quite an event, every year the casters get better. The time commitment the competitors are putting into SOR, one  would think it was the Olympics; practicing for hours, giving up fishing time, tweaking their lines constantly, trying different rods, trying to get that extra 5 feet of distance, I gotta admit, I've turned into a casting geek!
Casting Geeks!
Last year I competed in SOR with the intention to raise money for Casting for Recovery and with all the generous donations over $4000.00 was raised. This year Marcy Stone will be competing for the first time, and we are going the distance at Spey -O-Rama again to raise awareness for Casting for Recovery via
a pledge drive based on our longest cast. Casting for Recovery's program combines counseling,medical information, and the therapeutic sport of fly-fishing. CFR's two-and-a-half day retreats are offered at no cost to women at any age and stage of breast cancer treatment and recovery. CFR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. In 2012, CFR is holding 45 retreats in 33 states. 

Through the link below you can make a pledge based on Marcy's or my longest cast or both of our cast at; CFR - Spey-O-Rama 2012 Pledge  
If you would like to give a straight donation then you can click on this link.   CFR -  Spey-O-Rama 2012 Pledge 

 If you have any questions please give me a call at: 503-944-9165

Thanks For your Support!