Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ice Out

Ice Out

Brian Silvey and I traveled to Ice Out last week to attend and take part in demonstrations for the event. Simms put on a huge show for all the guides in attendance. It was awesome! Read about what some others had to say below. They put it to words really well.

From The Wading Room:

Duffy over at The Gorge Fly Shop:

Fly Shop of the Big Horns:

Some of the highlights for me:

 Meeting and attending coach Bobby Knights key note talk telling it how it is.

The Film Shootout. There is still time for your vote here!

Factory Tour. Simms waders are made in the USA! Witnessing the process was great.

Thank you Simms and all the staff for putting on an epic event. Thanks also for making the worlds best waders and gear!