Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spey Casting is Catching On

 Spey-casting is catching on, good news to industry folks! I couldn’t believe how many people I saw in the water learning to spey cast at the spey casting school, held on the Sandy River and hosted by Eric Neufeld, Simms Waders, and The Fly Shop. Eric, Marcy Stone, and I were the last groups to hit the water and when we got to the river, people were standing 15 feet apart all the way around the corner.
Eric Neufeld explains the mechanics of the cast.
 We walked down river to find a spot and had to keep walking and walking, all the way to the end of Never-ending, luckily finding enough water for 12 more anglers to cast. There must have been close to 80 people learning to spey cast! Marty, Jeff Hickman, and Josh Linn were sent upriver to the spey clave beach where they reported 70 more people with double handed rods in hand.  If you want to learn about spey casting or improve your skills; this is a great opportunity, don’t miss it next year.
Mr. Hubbard helps an angler with an off shoulder cast.