Sunday, May 27, 2012

Siesta, Drink, Play, and Fish

Cactus Pecker?


Waiting for Roosterfish and...

Watching for Roosterfish.

Tegan shows dad how to body surf

Ladyfish caught busting a ball of Mullet with a Grande Rooster. Guess which one ate my fly?
We have been having some great family time while exploring the Sea of Cortez as we try to find some aggressive Roosterfish from the beach. Beach fishing for Roosters is a great game and it's always a challenging one! 

Every beach we have fished has had our desired target, we have had shots, and we have been denied! For us, we love it. For us, the harder the game, the more it is a feeling of accomplishment by giving us the ultimate rush when it finally comes together. Granted we have been sleeping in, kayaking, birdwatching, lounging on the beach, drinking beers with limes before lunch, eating excellent food and napping. But what did you expect? We are, after all, ON VACATION!

 Part of what is making the fishing harder this year is the lack of Sardines in the the whole region. To give it a good analogy we can compare them to trout. If there is a ton of salmon flies on the water the fish go crazy, they just plain gorge themselves and get stupid. Throw a piece of foam on a hook and even the hard to catch big bows will put their guard down and eat it! Roosters are similar in the sense that with no big supply of sardines around they are tentative and picky. 

As steelhead guides we are full of hope. You have to be to have success in that game too. With that hope, we expect the sardines will show up any minute down here! The hurricane has mixed up the sea currents over the last couple of days and it could help? It sure can't hurt! We will get out on Pangas next week and even though there are plenty of Mullet and Needlefish around, those Sardines will be the ticket. 

If the bait stays away? The beach might just be the best place for us to hunt for Roosters. From what our week as been like so far...that might not be such a bad thing!