Sunday, June 17, 2012

When do you Start Chasing Steelhead?

Last week we received an email from a friend and the subject was, "When do you Start Chasing Steelhead?" Are you chasing Bass through the summer? 
Marty replied, Bass now and through end of July. Steelhead in August, mostly the Deschutes with friends. September, October, November are slammed with me guiding steelhead on the Deschutes, Grande Ronde, and John Day.
Fall Family Steelhead Trip.
So, when you're a Steelhead junkie and all you want to do is go steelhead fishing, when can a person realistically chase Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest? I won’t divulge names of rivers for keeps sake.
January- March: winter Steelhead 
April-May: summer Steelhead and late winter fish 
June: Summer Steelhead on a few rivers 
July: If the rivers aren't blown from glacier run off and the water temperatures aren't too warm then a few
August-November: Summer Steelhead 
December: Give it a break!
Winter Steelhead