Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chesapeake Bay

Sunrise on Chesapeake Bay

 “Do you mind if we stand on the bow and make a few cast.” I ask the captain. He replies, “I don’t care 
what ‘a do as long as you don’t hit me in the head with that thing.”Whit Fosburgh, Executive Director of TRCP and I proceed to string up the 7 wt and sneak to the bow like little kids.  All I can think is, dam I hope we get a fish so the Captain see’s that a striped bass can be caught on a fly rod. 

I’m in Maryland for a work trip; we chartered a couple boats for half a day to give us a break from strategic planning and external communication. We set out on the Chesapeake Bay, the humidity is thick and the harbor breeze keeps us cool. The boat is rigged with big spinning “poles” and blood worms. The Teachers Pet meant business and didn’t plan on someone bringing a fly rod.

Looking at few fish under the boat. 

Whit lands a striper after a few cast and hands the rod to me, I make a few and fish on! Carefully I walk the gunnel to the rear of the boat, the deck hand nets the fish,  takes the hook out and replies, “now that’s a funny looking fly?” It’s a Clouser. I reply, “It catches fish.”

We get back to the classroom, Steve Kline, TRCP’s director of agriculture and private lands tells us, "the captain was bragging about you guys catching a striper on a fly rod."  Isn't it funny how foreign fly fishing still is, but glad we made a little impression. 
Striped Bass