Saturday, September 29, 2012


 Chinook photos by Mia   

Misty mornings remind me of  camping trips and waking up to the drip of dew on my face. It also reminds me of early mornings drift sets in Bristol Bay when I was young and could spend days picking salmon from a net. I don't think I'm that tough anymore.

Today, I  awake to the sound of a fog horn blowing in the distance and sea dew, beads up on the bow of the fiberglass boat, waiting to be launched  for the day.

The tide rises and falls, with the rise fish return to make their journey up river and just before the ebbing tide when the sea recedes, salmon start rolling, is it the excitement that this is the beginning of their fresh water journey. This is what they have been waiting for, and the bit turns on.

 Sea lice clings to the salmon an indication that this fish probably hasn't been out of the salt for two long, it came in with the tide. As the tide begins to ebb the fishing slows down and fishermen reel in their lines and wait for the changing tide. I feel so fortunate to participate in the salmon life cycle as a sports fisherman. 

Misty Morning  on Anchor

The slow strip

Clousers and More