Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Last Tweet- Alaska

Flying over Mt. McKinley
My story starts at the end of my trip. If I tweeted this would be my last tweet.... Clear morning, flying Fairbanks to Portland, maybe I'll see Mt McKinley? My trip has been amazing to many details to write. 

I've been in Alaska for 8 days, and the last five days my time has been spent at the OWAA conference held at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska. My time has been filled with meeting new friends, fishing for Arctic Grayling, staying up till the wee hours in anticipation of the Aurora Borialis to appear, soaking in mineral rich hot springs, and sharing stories about hunting and fishing backcountry areas, and on occasion trying to access the internet to do a blog post or post a photo on Facebook. 

Who would expect to have email service at the end of a road, in the middle of the bush. Service was limited so downloads, blog post, tweets and Instagram where near impossible. Occasional someone would complain, "I've been trying for on hour to post a tweet and in fails."  I even tried sending a photo via Instagram and it finally sent after the 20th attempt and this is when I decided, stop wasting time and live in the moment to soak up every bit of Alaska.  

Tweet.....Gotta jump on the plane, enjoy the photos and will post more on Monday.....