Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homewater and Hannah's Special

Hannah tying flies.
This fall a one of guest shared a story about fishing a steelhead river in British Columbia back in 80's. He said it was a remote place with wonderful steelhead. There wasn't a lodge, just a humble camp in the woods and one of the guides was a 12 year girl that would stand on a rock over looking the river. She would watch the fish and as his fly swung closer to the steelhead, the little girl would say "here it comes." "Here comes the steelhead!"  He talked about fishing her fly that was deadly, a fly with blue and silver tinsel that he called the Hannah Special.  Hannah still tie's the fly but a modified version called the Blueberry. 
How long have you been tying flies Hannah? 
I started tying flies when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  I started with dries (uggg, how hard was that!) because getting moose hair and feathers, etc., was really easy in the bush (those materials are abundant in the wilderness), but learned that they were quite hard and then moved on to Green Butt Skunks, Silver Hilton's and Blue Charm's. My favorite fly growing up was the Blue Charm. Today, it is still one of her favorite flies, although i don't fish it as much as i used too. Now i am into modern versions of traditional flies and tube flies.
The Blueberry is a deadly fly on the waters I fish, and often that is my go to fly, especially if i need a 'come back' fly. It has not failed me yet...

The Blueberry
The box was made by an old friend of mine, back when we were in our early 20's. I used to tie those style of flies, and put them in the box (as shown) to show the guests the flies, and let them pick which ones they wanted.

Not your typical fly box.