Monday, December 17, 2012

Found- Single Hand Rod

I love treasure hunting on beaches. Usually after fishing a run I'll spend some time glassing over the rocks looking for something that might stand out. Some treasures I've found are petrified wood, deer antlers, washed up shirts, a sole shoe and washed up rubbish from a boat that has flipped.  I've also heard of river finds such as leathermans, life jackets, forcepts, fly boxes, rod tips, broken coolers, eye glasses, camera's and the list goes on.

The other day while fishing a run my fly hung up on something. As I flicked my line towards the snag to unhook it, I noticed what appeared to be running line.  I kept pulling in more line until the tip of a rod was exposed.  A couple feet closer I realized it was the entire rod with a reel attached. It wasn't broken and didn't look like it had been in the water too long. What a score!

This looks like a fun rod to fish. If you have lost a singlehand rod on the Clackamas River recently give me a call. I would post a photo but then anyone could claim it. Here's a hint, I'll be bone fishing it soon if someone doesn't claim it.

Does anyone have a good river find story to tell?

Another good river find!