Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rod Returned and More River Find Stories

After posting we found a rod on the Clackamas River, so many good stories of other river finds poured in and the rod was returned to the rightful owner. I wanted to share a few of the stories, it only demonstrates there are a lot of good people out there with the right intention.

Patrick Ross - I once found a Loomis GLX with a Abel Reel laying on the ground in at a river access parking lot. I took it apart, put it in my vehicle and went fishing. When I came back, there was a guy pacing around with that look; that look of looking for some thing lost with despair. Well, I asked him, " You loose something"? In that instant of that moment, I knew and he knew and we have been friends ever since, as well he has stayed and referred many customers to my cabins. I hope your story turns out as mine as, it is always a great thing to return lost possessions to the owner and I know you value such~.

KJ - That's pretty much how I started fly fishing. When I was 11 years old, I was trolling a Mepps in Leighton Lake, B.C. The spinner hung up on what I thought were weeds. After reeling up a ways, a rod tip came up out of the water. We took the rod home and Dad helped me clean it and get the reel working. Went to the library and read all I could about fly fishing. The start of a serious addiction.
A few years ago I lost a Redington rod I had built in a deep pool in the Galletin River. We never could find that thing. I hope some kid ended up with it...

Marty - Once I found a camera. A really nice one. It was on a very little traveled float on an Oregon desert river. I got a phone call the next day from a guy who offered to buy a guide trip even though no one would be in attendance...just so I could locate his camera. He had sentimental photos of his little daughter on it. He also had some nice steelhead photos on it. A few of the steelhead were caught in a spot I had overlooked as a guide. I no longer overlooked that spot!! He was so happy when I told him I had the camera! I mailed it to him since he was already on his way back to Wyoming. Cole and Shauna have been great friends ever since!