Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Traditional Driven Shoot

Stepping into a traditional style British hunt at Highland Hills Ranch was an experience to remember. The finest guns with stocks made of english walnut, tweed and pennine socks and watching the dogs work the fields to fetch every bird was an impressive game. 

Driven shoots originate in the United Kingdom.  The game is to shoot high flying or tall birds as their being driven towards the shooter.  Chris Batha, world renown wing shooting instructor says; "The ranch provides a picturesque setting and rolling terrain similar to Scotland  "the perfect place" in North America to host these events.  The hunt consist of a gamekeeper that oversee's proceedings and great emphasis is placed on

Enjoy a few photos.
A sporting shot.


Lining up a shot.
Mellisa collecting birds and Ray off to fetch the next one.
Wrapping it up.
Biscuits, broth and a fire greets shooter between hunts.
Ray and Uno