Saturday, January 5, 2013

High Pressure Fishing Alternative

Chukar Hunting
 It's really all about the exercise and dogs for us. It certainly isn't about how many birds we shoot. In a way, this is the similar relationship to steelheading. Just showing up and being in the field is the reward. Every hunt we've done this fall/winter I have had many shots. Not yet have we downed a bird. Damn these wild Chukar are tough! It's not to much unlike self torture.
 Our Pudelpointer Cedar has turned into such a great upland pointing dog. His nose is unreal. As he has aged he has slowed down and instead of smelling the roses he finds birds with tons of true confidence. If only his owners where as good at slinging lead as they are at flinging polyurethane.

Nelly, the german shorthair has the power of a locomotive, and the speed of Nascar, she only knows one tempo and that's full speed, needless to say she ends up with a lot of stitches.  She is also very loyal and honors all of Cedars points, with age and more field time she will be dynamite. The two together are a fantastic team.
photos by mia
As long as we keep getting the shots, our determination to hunt chukar will grow. With chukar hunting it's all about vengeance after the first hundred misses, Damn those birds.