Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confidence in your Fly

Have you ever been on a streak of not catching a steelhead, the thought might occur; " Am I fishing the right fly? Should I change it, what would work best?" When I'm thinking that,  half way through the run, I'm changing fly's because I didn't believe in that one.  There's something to be said about having confidence in your fly. 

This winter I've been on a dry streak and wonder? Is it the fly? So the other day I opened up my bass fly box, pulled out a size 9 Olive Wooly Bugger to match the conditions of low and clear water and the fourth cast into a run the line got heavy and the reel started to spin. It was pure joy and after the first jump the fly released from the steelheads mouth. 

The satisfaction was in the take!

 There's also much gratification catching a steelhead on a fly that has been tied by you. I remember the first steelhead I hooked on a fly that I had tied, it was early fall, fishing for summer steelhead. I tied on an my version of a Purple Peril, swung it through the first run,  went to the next run and hooked in to a fish. There's was nothing like it and it instilled the faith that I could catch a steelhead with my not so perfect tie

"What fly should I use?" Pick one, don't hesitate, tie it and fish it with confidence.

Here's another good read "Is it the Fly" by Beau Purvis about having confidence with the fly you choose.

Matt Zilliox photo

In Matt's words....F#%&king first Chrome today!!!  Stoked beyond all belief. 
caught on my own fly.  wow.