Sunday, March 10, 2013


Moneyball, the Stock Market, and Steelheading. Every major sports team, investment firm and good fishing guide is using some form of analytics

Analytics is the discovery  of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable  to quantify performance. It has always fascinated me to use information gathered over long periods of time to determine the most successful course of action.

I don't have a fancy computer program, like the professional sport scouts or high tech stock broker, to come up with charts and graphs, to determine the best odds of charting a successful day on the water. Instead I have years full of journals and 12 years of guiding to lead my inner conscious. I have learned what steelhead runs will yield our best odds of hooking a fish based on the current conditions of the day. I have learned which flies attract better results during low clear water as well as high off color water. I have learned to adjust my timing to fit in with sun angles on those high pressure blue bird days. Every successful day on the water adds more data to the memory bank. Each day spent not getting a tug adds to the internal analytic information bank of the guide brain. It is all becoming clear. 

Life is full of seemingly useless information and I can't get enough!