Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Smelt fly?

The surprisingly robust return of smelt to the Sandy River in the past week has triggered many similar bouts of nostalgia as groups of gawkers have walked out on theHistoric Columbia River Highway's 100-year-old bridge. Many recalled the days when anyone with a long-handled net and a little skill could fill a 5-gallon bucket with the oily fish.
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Is it surprising that the really hot, chrome, and acrobatic steelhead we hooked today was taken with a fly with a bunch of silver flash and eyes? This Lady Gaga did the trick:

Could this also be a reason why fishing has been a bit slow even though plenty of fresh Steelhead are around? From the article: 

"Since a 20-mile-long mass containing millions of smelt was reported about two weeks ago in the lower Columbia River, recreational anglers found partially digested smelt in the stomachs of spring chinook salmon caught in the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Anecdotally, some anglers have blamed slow fishing this year on the abundance of smelt."

Blue and White Lady GaGa accounts for another winter steelhead. Photo by: Darcy Bacha.