Monday, April 29, 2013

ICE OUT Highlights

We traveled to Bozeman Montana for the Simms Guide event "ICE OUT" this last week.
Please enjoy some of our highlights: 
Day 1: Straight to the water! Big Thanks to Nick, Alice, Whitey, Eric and Ty  for getting at least 10 of us clueless travels organized enough to do a day float. Really fun day day of fishing!

Day 2: Factory tour. To see the process of the best waders in the world being made by hand in the good ol' USA makes us proud be be a part of this team!

After getting through with Product development sessions with Simms we snuck away to wet a line!

Day 3: We played tourist and went to Yellowstone National Park. It was great. The wildlife is outstanding! 

Every corner had an amazing viewing opportunity. The fishing in the park was closed until May 25th but with all the great scenery and wildlife we hardly had the desire to wet a line.

Day 4: Fishing with Alice, Mike and the dogs was great. We met a ton of fantastic people in Montana and sharing time on the water with some of the best folks in the world was truly amazing! Brian Silvey joined us this day on a small mountain stream. We all caught fish...but Brian caught a silly amount! He was in the zone.
Day 4: Brian Grossenbacher captures the Guide Olympics.
Cooler drag

TJ Dawson goes for broke as Brian snaps away. No one ever takes photos of the photographer so I was trying to spy on Grossenbachers camera settings.

Hank Patterson gives Camille casting advice (like she needs it) during the casting competition.She dang near took out all the guys with a second place finish... 

We vote for Clay Krull as Simms employee of the year! A outstanding human being, super fishy dude, and has one of the most skilled jobs you could imagine at Simms. He showed us big Brown trout, that eat mice on the surface, in an absolutely beautiful boat! You rule brother!

Missing Montana already.