Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Gift of Giving

photo by Andy Wood

Everyone has the gift to give back. This year my chance was under sunny skies and a calm morning, the flags lining the ponds didn't flinch, ideally, it was a perfect morning to cast. I drew the number four stick and hoped a little breeze would pick up before I stepped into the ponds. Nothing beats a tail wind however the breeze didn't pick up till later that morning. This year my goal at Spey-O-Rama was to cast to my potential and make a long cast for Casting for Recovery and Casting 4A Cure.  I was in the zone and the fly went on top of the wall three times, hitting 144. This was the third year too have raised awareness and money for a non-profit at SOR and I'm honored to do so, giving is not an obligation but an opportunity to give someone a chance. 
I'm grateful for all the support and donations that came in this year. Thank you to: William, Bryan, Terri, Kathleen, Ken, Tim, Jim, Larry, Rob, Paul, Jill, Carolyn, Kevin, Joel & Kellie, Dorothy, Doug & Katy, Eric, Glen, Jan, Steve, Christopher, Bill, Anne, Jeff, Poppy & Linda, Amanda, Ian, Mary, Mark, and Victor
The donations raised for CRF and Casting4ACure are being made in honor of Emilee Cummins, Wheeler who has Retts Syndrome. Emilee is Poppy and Linda's granddaughter from The Redshed Fly Shop .Rett Syndrome is a neurodevelopment disorder found almost exclusively in young girls.The symptoms are almost always apparent by age 2 and are similar to Cerebral Palsy. Researchers have yet to discover the exact gene responsible for Rett Syndrome. Casting4A Cure raises money for research. 
Thank you Simms for donating a fly box and sweatshirt to give away to two donors.  Tim K. will receive the fly box and Steve E. will receive the sweatshirt.