Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Row a Boat Like a Pro

Tegan's in charge
Kids are like running, babbling brooks that never stop moving, the continual trickle of curiosity, flows.

From crawling to walking, to listening to her pronounce her first word, "mama" to completing a full sentence a couple years later,  "why can't a fish breath out of water?" Reminds me of my own curiosity as a child.

My mom was single most of my childhood, she worked hard to give us those simple pleasures such as a piece of candy or a new pair of shoes or playing hop scotch with us after work.  She also made sure weekends where dedicated to spending time outdoors, forgetting about the dishes that needed to be done or the bills that needed paid.

At that time, youth and ignorance was bliss.  I adore those attributes in Tegan and want nothing more then to give Tegan the simple pleasure I had growing up.

Tegan has been going on river trips with us since she was six months of age. She has grown to love the water, smell the sage, observe and respect all the critters around from the smallest tree ant to the largest mule deer. Watching her mind full of curiosity reminds me of my weekends as a child, spent in the Great Smoky Mountains with my mom and sisters. I would turn over rocks in a river looking for bugs, listen to the tranquil sound of the water and ask why, a hundred thousand times.

Its no surprise when I see her pick up a fly rod or when she wants to row a boat that she just does it, naturally.  

Being with Tegan rewards me on a daily base. Though I miss going on hardcore fishing trips where I can fish 8 hours straight without the interruption of a little voice saying; "I'm hungry" or "I have to pee."  Watching her grow into a little girl full of curiosity and confidence and row a boat like she's a seasoned pro makes me giggle.

Notice the relaxed guide look. 

I got this mom!
How to row a boat like a pro:
Row away from the bank
Keep it steady
Don't over work your self