Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dean River, Leaves You Begging For More

After a 20 hour drive listening to Eddie Vedder and public radio, drinking Starbucks coffee, eating at the famous Tim Hortons, one B.C road checkpoint, we arrived in Bella Coola safe and sound . We fly out to the Dean River tomorrow, even with reports of slow fishing we are so stoked, it's the experiance of fishing a classic river for hot steelhead and as a friend said, "you have to pay your dues." We've dreamed of doing this trip for many years and now it's our turn. Our friend Mark wrote us a very nice poem:

The adventure begins when you walk out the door
As you arrive on her shores your jaw hits the floor
the history there is high steelhead lore
the fish that you catch will leave you quite sore
the things that you see you will tell evermore
the trip to the Dean leaves you begging for more
it will dwell with you forever in your very core... Mark

The sunrise on the drive from Williams Lake to Bella Coola this morning. This was taken just before we hit "the hill" Freedom hill is a scary one! Dropping 6,000 feet in 10 miles on a muddy, switchbacking, and steep avalanche prone road that has up to 14% inclines!  Photo by Mia

Just recieved a first hand fishing report from friends that came out today. Slow...but still some fish being caught. 

We are excited to be here and take in what the river has in store this next week. There is a lot of buzz going around and if you are unaware of some of the issues the Dean River is experiencing this year, I suggest you visit this link: