Monday, September 23, 2013

Atlantic Salmon Flies

Rob Fenney's Black Doctor
Just returned from an epic trip on the Miramachi River in New Brunswick. We’ve had this trip planned for months with the help of  “Spey Brother” Fenney who guided us, arranged our day to day fishing plans and made sure we had wicked coffee each morning and lots of James Ready Lager in the evening .  

The culture of fly tying runs deep in the Miramachi Valley. Some of the best Atlantic Salmon fly tiers such as Warren Duncan have influenced fly patterns after pattern and locals continue to produce some of the most beautiful flies.
Fall Favorites at WWDoak's Fly Shop
 Everyone you run into be it on the river, afternoon coffee at Tim Horton’s or lunch at one of prestigious salmon camps wants to talk about flies and offer you the hot fly from their box. So many classic, beautiful flies to choose from such as a Silver Doctor, General Practicioner, Blue Charm and Bombers are in every fly box. Driving down the road you see signs in front of houses that state “buy salmon flies here.”

Behind the scenes at Doak's
Go to the local shops such as Doaktown Fly Shop owned by Jerry Doak or George Routledge Fly Shop and all the fly’s are hand tied with detail and perfection by a local artist or at Jerry’s shop by Jerry himself.  The pride and development that goes into each fly is perfection.  Needless to say Marty and I purchased a few dozen flies.

Mr Routledge even had a return policy; if a fish is hooked deep and you gotta break a fly off, you get a new one. Second, if your fly ever comes unraveled, get a new one. He’ll even tie it personally right there on the spot if there isn’t one in the shop. 

George said Ted tied his own flies too.
 The wisp of the wind blows, red , yellow , green and orange leaves swirl in the sky, blowing in every direction until gently landing on the copper black water of the Miramachi. The fall brings the rain, frost and fall salmon. At this moment all I can think about is Tegan. Kids grow so fast, I imagine she’ll be an inch taller and bit sassier when I get home. Fishing trips take us to so many places, the beautiful rivers we see, the grabs experienced and the fish we land and never see.  The people we met and spend time with on those new rivers make the experience that much more remember able.  I’m glad to be home, thinking about the next adventure.

George helping me pick a few flies