Monday, January 20, 2014


The judgment on the Sandy River. What does it mean?

I have seen, read, and followed many opinions since NFS claimed victory last week and I wanted to share other perspectives to be fair.

This is an exert from an email from a friend that brings up some good points and thoughts: 

"The judge seems to say that zero smolt releases in the Sandy are too few and 1,000,000 are too many.  Does that mean that 999,999 are ok?  It seems to me that Judge Haggerty is asking the parties to negotiate a settlement and that is where the actual decisions will be made." 

" I believe a more accurate assessment of the judge’s decision would include terms such as “partial victory”, “further negotiations”, and “more work to do.”

I also found an article from Three Rivers Sportsman Alliance to be though provoking and worth a read:

"What makes an actual difference for salmonids?

This whole debate started in the mid-1990′s. I remember it clearly. El Nino crippled stocks throughout the region. EVERYBODY wanted answers. At the time, I worked at Frank Amato Publications. Obviously, our office was extremely concerned. Marty Sherman, then editor of FlyFishing magazine, laid out a fantastic argument that fingered hatchery fish as the cause: genetic drift, inferior genetics, feedlot type breeding. This was the case championed by Oregon Trout at the time."

Hopefully we find a balance that moves forward for the best interest of the health of Wild steelhead in Sandy River. They are very important.