Friday, January 31, 2014

Royal Treatment Fly Shop

Please join me at The Royal Treatment Fly Shop on Saturday!
A little rain has rinsed the dust away and spirits are high as we head into the weekend. Nothing get our hopes soaring like a fresh shot of fish and a visit from one of the area's top guides, Marty Sheppard. Marty will be gracing the stage of our revamped Fly Bench Theater as he presents a look at Steelheading Across Oregon. This pictorial angling adventure covers the full range of our favorite anadromous visitor in our fair state. Marty will also be touching on the tactics and techniques needed to entice these very special fish. 

Join us this Saturday, February 1st, starting at 10:00 as Marty Sheppard swings by with his newly minted presentation, Steelheading Across Oregon. Don't miss it!
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Tyer's Table with Marty Sheppard
Guide's Fly Box
To complete your Ironhead education and to add a few new patterns to your arsenal of deadly winter Steelhead flies, stick around after the show as Marty slides over to the Tyer's Table and shares a pattern that has been ripping it up on the Sandy. It's always nice to take a peak into the guides fly box to see what the pros carry. Here is your chance to not only see what is working, but how it's made. Marty will take to the Tyer's Table after a short break upon the completion of his visual presentation. Estimated start time is 11:15. This session will last until the questions stop flowing.