Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Steelheading Taught Me About House Hunting in a Sellers Market

The last three months Marty and I have been looking for a house to buy,  every free moment is spent  on the computer looking at the same places over and over; waiting for something new to pop up. We have limited ourselves to the little town of Corbett because we transferred Tegan to Corbett Grade School after spring break. The school is ranked 2nd in Oregon, for good reason, every student participates in music, art and the style of teaching is a continuous progress model .(Not to create more competition) the Corbett school district is  incredible and the location is very desirable,, the Sandy River is minutes away and Portland is a 30 minute drive. This is not a buyers market so we have started looking else where.

We have heard of houses selling that never hit the RLMS and never had a chance to look at. We've looked at crack houses listed for 185,00 and fixers for 325,000. We've made offers on two places; outbid once and the second is pending (found out the septic was bad but still put in an offer for 20,000 less) discouraged .. yes...and...

This house hunting is cutting into our fishing time. 

In the quest to buy and keep my sanity I started thinking about the strategies of house hunting and how similar they are to hunting steelhead.

This is the conclusion:

* When inventory is low (or steelhead numbers) don't get discouraged... keep searching there's one out there. 

* If a house comes on the market be the first one there, get yourself in position to make the first offer...  Watch dam counts (for summer steelhead) watch for a dropping river and when you see the opportunity, be ready and be the first one out there to grab the prime spot. 

* Don't force it, if it's meant to be it will happen. Some people say a steelhead picks you. 

We're ready, anytime...    Do you have any house hunting tips?