Monday, March 2, 2015

Kick Plastic

 I drink out of plastic bottles, forget to bring in my canvas shopping bag when at the grocery story and we provide plastic bottles of water to clients, its a matter of convenience.  With a conscious effort we can all cut back our intake of plastic consummation and change our habits. 

 1 in 10 Plastic bottles will end up in our oceans, and they kill 1 million sea birds each year. Costa is taking the lead and addressing the plastic toxicity .Learn how you can help. 

-          Each year humans produce over 200 Billion Plastic Bottles, 35 Billion in the US alone.
-          After a few minutes of use these bottles last for a thousand years, 10% of them end up in our oceans.
-          They kill 1 Million sea birds each year.
-          In the Pacific Ocean there is a “garbage patch” twice the size of Texas, this is just one of five in our oceans.
-          Over 2/3 of our fish now test positive for plastics.
-          If we work together, we can turn the tides on plastic.
-          The first step is to reduce what we use.
-          Carry a re-usable water bottle and bag.
-          And please recycle what you do use.
-          Because none of us want to live in a plastic sea.
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