Thursday, June 4, 2015

Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary

Big Bend Pool - Steamboat Creek photo by Mia

Frank Moore's footprint in the state of Oregon and in the fly-fishing community is enormous.  For starters, in 1957 he and his wife Jeanne started the renowned Steamboat Inn so anglers could rest after a day of fishing the North Umpqua. He and a core group of anglers started the Steamboaters to help preserve the natural resource of the Umpqua River in 1966.  He also had influence on the North Umpqua becoming a fly only regulation. He is also a renowned steelhead angler that prefers a waked fly over a wet one and still fishes with his single hand rod today. 
In the 1960s, Frank became concerned about logging's negative effects on watersheds. He collaborated with two friends, Hal Riney and Dick Snyder, to make the landmark film "Pass Creek." Then, flew his own plane all over the country to show it to the Forest Service, BLM, Congress, timber people, and conservation groups. The film had such an impact that major changes to logging practices were enacted.
Frank Moore's passion and dedication to wild steelhead and conservation is a model for all. In the few conversations I've had with him he's become a mentor and a friend. 
We applauded SenatorsRon Wyden and Jeff Merkley for introducing legislation, S.1448 , The "Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary."  The bill will designate approximately 104,000 acres of Forest Service land as a steelhead sanctuary.  The Oregon senators named their legislation in honor of Frank Moore because of his outstanding accomplishments starting in World War II and then continuing for nearly two decades of conservation efforts along the North Umpqua River. 

Throughout his life, Moore has shared his passion for fishing, the river, and the outdoors with visitors from all over the world. 

The area identified is the North Umpqua River around Steamboat Creek. As a steelheader, I consider this place sacred, its one of the most important tributaries for North Umpqua steelhead.  There's a reason that Frank Moore and steelheaders such as Lee Spencer, Dan Callaghan and many more have dedicated their lives to the preservation of this watershed.  

Let your senators know you support the "Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary" by signing the TU petition here

Track the bill here.