Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A River Between Us

The first time I met Jason Atkinson, he was holding a fly rod in one hand and a cold Tecate in the other, resting it on his abdomen.” Minutes earlier he had lodged a rooster fly in his side not due to lack of skill, he will point out it was howling cross winds that afternoon.

“This isn't as bad as the bullet I took to my leg a couple years back.”  He belts with confidence.  Jason has 14 years of Oregon senate experiance and doesn't fit the stereotype.  Currently he is taking a sabbatical from politics to rid the guilt of his grandmothers request, to restore the Klamath River.     I'm honored to know a former politician that has the guts to put everything on the line to bring diverse stakeholders together to save a river and bring back Salmon.  Check out this video. "A River Between Us"