Friday, January 30, 2009

There is a "wild and scenic" designated river, which twists and turns over wild terrain. It is home to red-hot summer run Steelhead and feisty Rainbows and Bull Trout. Its rapids are lively, but not intimidating, as it courses alongside woodlands and deep canyons. Join us for a wilderness float through this primitive river canyon that is inaccessible by vehicle.
"I've taken Steelhead on flies in forty rivers from southern Oregon to northern British Columbia, and the Grande Ronde is the top of the list for joys in surface steelhead." -Bill McMillan, fly caster, writer, Steelhead guru.
The Grande Ronde River, in the extreme Northeast corner of Oregon, is "Wild and Scenic" designated. It affords a rare opportunity to experience a nearly pristine river corridor. The section we utilize is from Minam, Oregon to Troy, Oregon (40 miles) This is a road-less section, and we access them on a five day/four night multi-day camping/float trips. The river canyon encompasses a variety of terrain types: from forested peaks to semi-arid lands as it nears the Snake River. Those who drive will arrive at Minam, Oregon on the morning of the launch. Those who fly, book to Lewiston, Idaho.
The Grande Ronde River offers anglers a rare angling opportunity with summer run steelhead aggressively rising to surface flies. We fish for steelhead from mid October to the mid November. Experiencing Northeast Oregon during our fall fishery is a treat, sunny warm days and crisp frosty mornings, with the fresh scent of autumn in the air. The run of fish ranges from "A" salt fish in the 4-6 lb class, and "B" salt fish in the 7-14 lb class. The take can be as light as a small rainbow sipping mayflies or as voracious as a 30lb Peacock Bass slamming a popper. The Grande Ronde has one of the highest populations of wintering Bald Eagles in the state.
Fishing for Bull Trout and Rainbows is also exceptional this time of year on the Grande Ronde. The average size will run from 10" 14" with some fish in the 20" class.
The cost is $350 per a day per angler this includes guide, (guides have the latest gear to demo and dozens of flies to use), three hardy meals a day, gear boater sets up camp and has appetizers waiting when you arrive.