Friday, January 30, 2009

John Day River Steelhead

The John Day River possibly has the best run of true wild steelhead in the lower 48 and the occasional hatchery stray that has consistently been taking our flies every year since I started guiding on it. There is no hatchery and no dam on the John Day River, thankfully there never has been. This fishery is the most reliable producer I have found to take a steelhead by the swung fly anywhere!

Our Steelhead Day trips are walk and wade access on a huge private ranch or a day float to access some wonderful fly water. Rates are $500.00 per day for two anglers. We are now offering 4 day camp trips! $400 per angler per day.
If you fly in, schedule your flight for Portland, Oregon on the day before the launch date. Once in Portland you will need to rent a vehicle and meet us in Condon Oregon. We have two options for accommodations; Motel Condon: 541-384-2181, or the Hotel Condon: 800-201-6706

The run on the John Day doesn't really even start to be fishable until the last week of October. The irrigation makes the water flow on the river get very low by mid October. Irrigation shut off is the 15th of Oct. It takes about a week for the flow to pick up and that brings in a good push of fish. We get very fresh (bright) fish all the way through Feb. November and December are the prime time to fish.
Call us about upland game bird hunting too!