Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catch and Release

Here are a few great quotes from anglers that submitted entries for the release fish contest, on the flyfishergirl forum. Catching and Releasing wild fish is vital for future returns. Enjoy the read.

"Catch and release fishing is the future of our fishing. Not only that but quick catch and release."

"Not forgetting to wet my hands before picking the fish up."

"Having a routine like this for me, offers every fish I catch a greater chance of a quicker recovery time which in hindsight is probably the most important factor every fisherman should uphold."

"Gentle cradle the upper body with one hand just behind the pectoral fin and with the other hand, hold the fish behind the anal fin."

"Wild kelts should be handled with the utmost care."

"Often times using too light of tippet will result in over exhausting fish that even if C&R is practiced the fish will not survive."

"Fishing in extremely hot weather conditions is also harmful to fish (the same can be said for cold weather too)"

I agree, "C&R and proper handling of the fish" is mental training and a philosophy. There is always something to improve based on our knowledge

"I wonder how many catch and release core fisherman will sacrifice one non-native species to save a another?"

"When I teach, explain, or promote my love for fishing, the main topic I advocate is how fish should be cherished, treated with the utmost respect, and both caught and returned as safely and effectively as possible."

“Every fish is a great fish” and I can not emphasize enough how important that saying is for me.

"when looking in my fly box, I consider what I am fishing for. Using the correct hook size is an important factor and even more so is ensuring all my hooks are barbless."

"I try to minimize the amount of time it spends on the end of my line."

"Every piece of water has its trophy and ever river will have its day. Be it a 10lb Brown or a 12" Cutthroat."