Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Go to Alaska? Skagit Masters! Water temps..

Why go to Alaska when you have beautiful Spring Chinook in your backyard?
Went to a run, literally, behind our house and didn't even wader up. Racked up 4 of these pigs the last three evenings! They are rolling like crazy every nite. This was the first wild one. The others are either in the smoker or half digested.

Mia and I have been planning a vacation to Alaska to fish, see friends, and kick out squatters at our little cabin up there but have decide at the last minute to stay home, work on house projects and do some fishing just minutes from our house on the Sandy River!

The run must have been later than normal this year, all the fish have been in really good shape. Usually we are searching for steel on the Deschutes this time of year but we've been waiting for the water temps to drop back down (which they are!).

Generally we ignore the Sandy and dark springers around here but maybe we should reconsider after seeing the good spirits of these critters. I keep thinking we are going to find a nice hot summer steelhead too...but no, just these lousy kings..


In other news:

Jeff Mishlers web site is looking like an epic online hangout for all things Skagit! Check out the blog and forum:


The Deschutes temps are going down!