Saturday, July 24, 2010


How often do you get lucky and win something. Most people start off trying to win Oregon Lotto, or vacations to Baja. I thought trying to win an Olive the Woolly Bugger hat for Tegan was a great place to start.

Last month at the Jimmy Green Fly fishing Expo. Kirk Werner, author of Olive the Woolly Bugger books had a drawing for a book or hat. I wrote Tegan's name on a piece a paper, gave it the crumble fold, and placed it in the glass bowl, just in the nick of time.

We hadn't even walked one booth away, because Tegan was entertained giving high fives and curtsey's to everyone. I hear Tegans name called. The crumbled piece of paper, was picked!

Tegan already owned the book "Olive and the Big Stream" so we went with the hat. Even though the hat was a bit big for her it sure came in handy on the John Day this summer for Tegan and me.

If you haven't checked out an Olive book, the books are a fantastic read to add to your kids collection of books. Also check out Kirks blog "The Accomplished Angler."