Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scott Sadils new book Fly Tales

“Real Guys,” writes Scott Sadil in Fly Tales:
Lessons in Fly Fishing Like the Real Guys, his new collection of literary essays, “belong to an inner circle of expert anglers—men and women of rarefied gifts whose skills and knowledge and perhaps fortune of good breeding have positioned them in territory the rest of us can only glimpse or occasionally admire.”But are Real Guys real? Or are they, asks Sadil, perhaps an ideal, an illusion, a fabrication in the minds of fly fishers who find themselves unable to avoid the kinds of failures and humiliations anglers everywhere have suffered since first tying flies to the ends of their lines? Follow Sadil through more than three dozen essays, or “lessons,” as he aims for membership into that “cadre of insiders” who, he wants to believe, rarely if ever suffer the kinds of defeats that he has known all too well throughout his angling career. In the tradition of fine literature from hearth, home, and afield, Sadil completes each lesson with his pattern, or recipe, for a fly that has proven integral to these gracefully articulated steps along his arduous journey to fish like a Real Guy.

“Scott Sadil is not only one of the best fishing writers I’ve read in a long while, he’s one of the best writers, period.”
—Patrick McManus

Buy one now! We did and its a great read! Scott is a local Hood River writer and a real good Steelheader. Lots of fun stuff that plays out in our backyard and even some adventures including yours truely!

Check it out: