Saturday, November 6, 2010

BC First

Its been eight years since I last passed through Smithers, Marty and I fished for a few days then, I was new to Steelhead fishing and left Smithers without touching a Steelhead.
The feeling I had then hasn't changed. The vastness of the country, watching eagles soar above and standing in rivers that spread over miles of country is mind-boggling. Over the last week Kimi and I fished new water, landed our first BC Steelhead that popped our cherry, and shared lots of good laughs with new friends. Needless to say we wont wait another eight years to return. Thanks Hannah for the cozy room and thanks Nelly for helping Kimi empty that bottle of Dryfly. Kimi pumps'em up.
Kimi's First! Marks First!
Jaks First!
Photo by Anette
Grizzly Tracks
photo by Kimi
Tying Flies My First BC Steelhead.
Photo by Nelson
Till next year
photo by Anette