Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grande Ronde

Today Mia is out there guiding and I have the chance to spend a great day with Tegan and pull a few photos out of the camera before I head out to complete our last camp trip of the year.
This is the first time I have seen a computer in the last month. Living the life on the banks of the Grande Ronde, it was steelheading at its best in every way! From great fishing, to downright tuff, it will be remembered as the warmest and wettest season in my last 10 years in Eastern Oregon.
The best part is always the friends and the river. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone that joined us. THANK YOU!
I need to collect some other photos from our other guides Ted, Brian, Jad, Corey, Cullen, and John (hint hint) that I would like to share with you also. Until then.............enjoy!
Big buck on a classic fly

Steve Egge nails one at last light.

Bob Allston brings one to a skater!

October caddis stink. Really!

Mark Seligman admires one.

Kevin Bulley cradels a dandy.

John MacDiarmid lands a camp native

Jay Beckstead puts this one to the beach.

Bob Allston held a bunch of these.

Al Lind with a heck of a fighter.

Paul Bjork tempted this hen with a caddis muddler.

Doug Ballanger gets the John Day season rolling! He went 8 for 8 this day!

Dave McCoy photo

Stay tuned for John Day bloggings. The fishing has been pretty good. (hint, hint)