Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gallito ahorra días

Even though the Roosterfish was our desired target species on our trip with a fly, we have had some real fun skirting around the notion that we might not achieve it this year. We have caught a huge variety of species. Check out Steelie Mikes post to see what we are talking about:

Stuff You Catch in Mexico When Not Catching Roosterfish

The Sardines being absent has totally turned the region into some of the toughest fishing in many years. To add to our challenge, the warm blue water has been displaced with a colder green water. In a way its the Sea of Cortez's idea of blowing out. When we did target Roosters we focused most of our time to the beaches. 
Gallito ahorra días (the little fish saves the day!) 

We were just about to call it a day, the words are on the tip of my tongue, of course my eyes are still fixed on the water. The waves roll, creating shadows, making it difficult to watch for fish feeding, I feel like I’m  getting sea sick from shore. After a few days of trying to differentiate the shadows moving under the water you become familiar with what’s what while fishing for Roosters. Turtles cruise at a leisurely pace and are a dark, almost black shadow, needlefish are long and narrow and the irradensent  blue bodies glisten under the reflections of the water, and a rooster is a gray like shadow that travels at a fast, ghostly speed, cruising the shore line.

Frantically the bait is jumping out of the water heading from the edge of the dark blue, right towards the shore, my eyes adjust and the rooster comb pops up. I scream Rooster!! Kathy is startled, I hesitate, then run to the shoreline, ready, the fly drops from my fingers and in one cast it hits the water, right in front of the Rooster. Frantically, I strip the line in as my feet stumble back, trying not to fall back and get tangled in the line dragging on the sand around my ankles. The line is getting pushed around by the incoming tide. The Rooster turns on the fly, but no take, I throw it back out; strip strip strip, the Rooster is gone. That was my one shot of this day.

Just like steelhead fishing, a lot of the times you only get one shoot but you can’t see the fish coming. The thrill of just seeing a Rooster chase a fly is an adrenaline rush.

I don't speak Spanish often, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis!

The man says it best: 

"Stay thirsty my friends"