Tuesday, June 26, 2012

John Day River: A Report

This is a fishery where you catch a lot of fish casting from the boat as your guide steadies the craft by rowing into those prime feeding lines and holding you there while you kick some Bronzeback butt. Little time for us guides to take any quality photos as we are on the sticks all day for your enjoyment! Thankfully our friend Brian O'Keefe from over at Catch Magazine just did the trip and sent a few photos to share with you!:

The morning Mayfly hatch has been huge. The Bass are lined up sipping in long smooth runs like trout. It quite amazing to see hundreds of lips dimpling in the water at any given moment when you wake up riverside on one of our trips. The water has warmed and dropped to levels that are starting to have the bass move off the banks and into some of the fun moving pocket water. When these fish get done with the morning mayfly feeding frenzy it is Bugger, Foam Ant, and Popper time throughout the afternoon. Some of our best flies have been a Space Invader for subsurface and a Silvey's Dragon Popper when you really want a crazy, smashing take! 

We are in-between our 2nd and 3rd multi day camp trip out of 7. These trips are 4 days in June and 5 days in July. We are all booked up with our camp trips. If you don't here from us very much here for a while thats because we are rowing hard and having a blast! 

We do our day trips in August. Get in touch with us for a trip. We have some slots open in August. This is Dragonfly time. The bass literally jump out of the water to eat them. Seriously!