Wednesday, August 29, 2012


This just simply needed to have a post of its own instead of being at the bottom of the entry below:

This is how my dad and I did it when I was Tegans age. Always remembering these monumental moments. He would hook them and let me fight them. I had so much fun exploring the surroundings as Tegan is having now. Checking out bugs and plants. Finding really neat rocks. There are so many lessons that happen in these situations that are being passed on to our next generation.

 Growing up a fisherman made me a better person. It has taken me to places I would have never seen otherwise. Being a fisherman has made me appreciate our rivers and life inside of them and around them. Mia grew up doing the same things with the same perspectives. We are a fortunate family and very thankful to have this atmosphere in our region of the world to introduce our daughter to this lifestyle as well. 

Largely thanks to this blog and readers like you, our little girl has people recognizing her on the rivers we frequent. On this particular trip 3 different groups stopped and said "is that Tegan?" Like us, she is flattered. She is friends with everyone she comes across. Instant friends. It is not our intention to make our little critter "famous."  but to be a role model on experiencing life outdoors. We  enjoy sharing our adventures with you. In a way, you become a part of that experience and it becomes reality when you go out of your way to say hi on the river. Thank you for being a part of that.