Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Family Steelheading

Trip #1
Two weekends ago Mia and I headed South to spend a weekend attending the Native Fish Society "River Steward" retreat. Held on the banks of the North Umpqua we were real excited to to join our friends in this event. We were equally excited to see the river in all its lore, head up on a field trip to see Lee at the big bend pool, and Spend some shade sessions with our good friend and guide Mark Stangeland. See Marks point of view here.

We spent most of our time throwing skaters. Some highlights of that trip in photos:

Such a great river for surface flies. Moments ofter this shot Mark rose a steelhead 3 times before hooking it!
Spring Chinook on a skater? 1st for me!

Mias first N. Umpqua Steelhead. This fish rocked!

This past weekend We loaded up the little jet sled and took a couple hour trip to a nice big steelhead river to our North. A good friend of ours has a little recreational piece of property on the banks and we were able to have really relaxing family time and fish at our own pace. We had never run this river before and took it easy. Slowly we explored farther and farther away from camp. When it came down to it we fell in love with a really beautiful run that was only about 1/2 mile upstream from our camp. The run held some nice fish and we were even able to land a few.

Some highlights from this past weekend in photos:

Luxury camping riverside.
I rose one on a skater but couldn't seal the deal. Thats ok because Mia came behind and stuck with one of her pink muddlers!
This one just could be the highlight of our fishing year: