Thursday, September 20, 2012

ODFW releases new definition for "Bobber" and more

 The ODFW Commission adopted rules for the 2013 angling regulations and here are a few I thought were interesting.

1. New definition for "bobber"  as part of proposed new anti-snagging rules on Trask and Salmon rivers. Currently there is no definition for bobber.

New Definition: Bobber: A hook-less, floating device that is attached to or slides along the mainline or leader above the hook(s) for the purpose of suspending hook(s) (which are part of the bait, lure or fly) off the bottom of the stream and visually signaling (from the surface of the water) a fish’s strike at the hook(s).

Glad to get this clarified, so those indicators on double handed rods are "bobbers."

Bobbers Photo by Field and Stream

2. Clarification of the definition of “Take” Redefine definition of “Take”.
Existing Rule: Take “To kill, reduce to possession or control.”
Proposed Definition: Take “To kill, reduce to possession or control or attempt to possess or control which includes catch-and release angling.
Rationale: To clarify that an angler needs to have a Combined Angling Tag to fish for sturgeon, salmon, steelhead or halibut whether he/she can keep it or not or is catch-and-release angling. (ODFW Staff)

You need a Combined Angling Tag even if you intend to catch and release.  I thought this was always the case??

Snagging Gear photo by Lambton

3. General Statewide Regulation: Adopt new Statewide Anti-Snagging Rules to be applied to individual waterbodies to curtail snagging activities
 Existing Rules: Existing hook and weight regulations, along with special gear restrictions for specific stream reaches. There are no statewide “Anti-snagging” regulations that can be applied to specific stream reaches. Proposed Rules: Anti-Snagging Rule. Except when fishing with a buoyant lure (with no weights added to the line or lure), or trolling from a vessel or floating device, terminal fishing gear is restricted to artificial flies or lure, or bait with one single-point hook. Hooks must measure ¾" or less from point to shank, and must be attached to or below the lure or bait. Weights may not be attached below or less than 18" above the lure or bait.
Rationale: Help to reduce snagging levels as they relate to the use of treble hooks. This rule will not be employed as a statewide regulation, but would be used on specific water bodies where the use of treble hooks on terminal gear has led to high levels of snagging.

This would be a great if it was a statewide regulation. Maybe something to push for next year??

To see more on the regulation changes view here. I also have the PDF version if anyone would like I can email it to you just contact me via email.