Friday, September 21, 2012


I have been doing laps on the Deschutes River. Macks Canyon to the mouth...over and over again for the last month and a half with Brian Silvey. It has been surprisingly crowded with the total fish counts down from the 10 year average. It also has been pretty decent fishing. One more lap and the transition starts. 

I drew my deer tag again this year. This one will be an adventure for reasons I prefer not to reveal just yet. After a small window the Grande Ronde season kicks into high gear which bleeds straight into the John Day River season (still a few day trips open). Before you know it, it will be Winter. Until then The fall brings surface steelhead, refreshing temperatures, and the best anticipation of the year for me. Being a hunter and angler this time of year is like Christmas when I was a kid. Deer, Trout, Chukar, Steelhead, and Pheasant. Love. 
Bryan Huskey picking a winner.

The leafs are turning color. The days are getting shorter. The feeling of so much exciting opportunity is crisp. Please help me welcome Fall. The greatest time of year officially comes into it season today, September 22. 

Let us Celebrate!

Fall is here!